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Hi! I’m Zach Langford.

I’m currently an R&D Associate at Oak Ridge National Laboratory in the Cyber and Applied Data Analytics Division.

I received my PhD from University of Tennessee, advised by Dr. Jitendra Kumar and Dr. Forrest Hoffman. I did my masters in civil engineering at Penn State in University Park, PA, advised by Dr. Michael Gooseff.

In the past, I have spent time at Virgina Tech working on machine learning projects for national security and Boeing Research & Technology working on geospatial analytics projects for the aerospace industry.

I enjoy working on integrating multiple sources of data for understanding complex problems, which may include anomaly detection in engineering systems, dynamic modeling of systems, up-scaling field measurements for image classification, and algorithm development for noisy/under-sampled datasets (e.g., few-shot learning).

Recent Publications

Langford, Zachary L., Logan Eisenbeiser, and Matthew Vondal. 2019. “Robust Signal Classification Using Siamese Networks.” In Proceedings of the Acm Workshop on Wireless Security and Machine Learning (WiseML), 1–5. New York, NY, USA: Association for Computing Machinery. doi:10.1145/3324921.3328781.

Langford, Zachary L., Jitendra Kumar, Forrest M. Hoffman, Amy L. Breen, and Colleen M. Iversen. 2019. “Arctic Vegetation Mapping Using Unsupervised Training Datasets and Convolutional Neural Networks.” Remote Sensing 11 (1): 69. doi:10.3390/rs11010069.